Our Mission

EngageFastLearning’s mission is to transform K-12 and higher education by –

  • Enhancing student engagement and conceptual understanding of difficult STEM topics with personalized narrative-based active learning strategies in a collaborative, peer-based learning environment
  • Providing an innovative platform for rich immersive interactive experiences that can be incorporated easily at different complexity levels with minimal instructor effort
  • Enabling access to knowledge dissemination tools and rapid assessment methods based on AI technology in an efficient and affordable way

Our Strategy and Approach

  • Provide students with a variety of contextual and socially embodied active learning methodologies, incorporated as part of personalized storylines, as an alternative to formal technical notation-based learning strategies which are traditionally followed in classrooms
  • Monitor student active learning progress via a comprehensive, real-time, data-based monitoring and personalized feedback system to understand, access and scaffold granular student personalized learning in both LIVE and offline modes
  • Allow instructors to practice evidence-based teaching strategies in a highly structured learning environment using our technology platform to facilitate student engagement and performance in any STEM subject.

Community Engagement

We greatly value academic and public engagement. We work with schools, educational institutions, industry partners, various non-profit organizations and research collaborators from various universities in the fields of AI, STEM education and cognitive psychology with a common goal of enhancing student learning and engagement in the sciences, both inside and outside the classroom.  Our partnerships have allowed us to develop unique curated resources and database of narrative-based content on various STEM topics in collaboration with our partners and through crowdsourcing, which are provided for free to the general public.

About Us

Founder and Director

EngageFastLearning was founded by Dr. Nitin Jain in 2016. As a biochemical researcher and biology instructor for more than 15 years at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, he has always been interested in researching and using innovative active learning pedagogy methods in concert with cutting-edge educational technology to increase student engagement and performance in his classroom. In 2014, with initial funding and support from his university, he devised a personalized narrative-based approach which involved the use of multi-step process analogies to connect multiple actions of the scientific process conceptually to another process in the real world. In this approach, students play an active role by creating their own analogy storylines that incorporate concepts of a scientific process or evaluate peer-generated analogy narratives for better conceptual understanding and also remembering details of the process. He later extended this approach to narrative-based case studies which also allowed students to apply their conceptual learning to problem-solving.

He has been awarded several creative teaching grants and awards from his university for this approach. His current interests are in helping other instructors research and adopt evidence-based teaching practices that employ active learning methods, in particular that involve personalized student narratives. His narrative-based methods are growing in popularity, with instructors from several universities and other institutions adopting this narrative-based pedagogy.

Our Partners, Collaborators and Advisory Members

Amit Sheth, Director, AI Institute, University of South Carolina
Jason Fowler, Professor, Lincoln Memorial University
Office of Information Technology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Valerie Shalin, Professor, Wright State University, Dayton
Leadership and Development, The Academy, Bank of America
Preetha Ram, Senior Managing Director, Pier 70 Ventures