Empowering Personalized
Student Education

Students vary in their learning needs and learning preferences. The goal of EngageFastLearning is to provide technology-based resources and solutions for personalized active learning strategies, which incorporate engaging storylines or narratives based on student personal interests and background to promote student success in less time than traditional methods.


Personalized narratives encourage students to take ownership of their learning

Personalized student-generated storylines or narratives based on creativity, critical thinking and embodied with familiar socio-cultural context have potential to engage students in learning with high intrinsic motivation, allowing them to self-regulate their learning. If a learner's background knowledge and prior cognitive characteristics are taken into consideration, this approach can be quite effective in supporting student self-determination needs for autonomy, competence and relatedness (Principles of Self-Determination Theory, Deci and Ryan, 1985) leading to better engagement as well as performance.

Applying narrative-based learning in the classroom

Expert-generated Narrative-based Content
  • Extensive expert-generated library of narrative-based content (K-12 and college level) on various STEM topics
  • Detailed scientific process analogies and case studies drawn from different physical world domains
  • Narratives aligned with learning objectives and measurable learning outcomes
  • Free for use by teachers and students to identify misconceptions and gaps in understanding
Structured Personalized Learning for students
  • Students first choose engaging storylines or narratives for evaluation based on their personal interests, to improve their conceptual understanding
  • Students are then assessed and given immediate feedback with classroom polling methods
  • Students further extend and solidify their understanding by developing their own original narratives on similar concepts within a peer-to-peer learning environment
Teacher Resources for Structured Learning
  • Innovative data-driven technology platform and user-friendly interface to quickly generate and customize a large number of narrative-based active learning lessons at different complexity levels (K-12 and college)
  • Easy student assessment with auto-feedback, backed with in-depth learning analytics to personalize it for every student
  • Self-propagating new content creation for teachers that is unique and personalized to their class

Narrative-based Learning boosts student engagement and performance with reduced worktimes

In recent controlled trial studies, students reported significantly higher engagement, conceptual understanding and increased desire for learning with 20% reduced worktimes for activities that included engaging storylines compared with traditional methods which do not. Narrative-based learning especially helps the lower performing students in the class achieve better performance by 10-15 points on average compared to traditional learning methods.

Get access to our extensive library of narrative-based content for different STEM topics

Select from our growing collection of pre-built active learning content such as analogy and case study narratives vetted by experts and tested in real classrooms, saving you time and effort. Bring your lectures to life with engaging content from a variety of STEM topics in Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

Our efficient integrated suite of tools has been specially designed to simplify the process of incorporating engaging narrative-based active learning activities in your course, making it less cumbersome and time-consuming, allowing you to spend more time interacting with your students in the classroom.

Student and Teacher Impressions on
Narrative-based Learning


When learning a complex subject, it is always helpful to me if I can relate it to something known or related to my field of interest. It also improves my long-term memory of the subject if I can relate it to something known. Just doing plain scientific reading is very boring and often more confusing because there is nothing familiar.

The storylines made me super interested, almost ten-fold, in the subject not just learning it for the class but also for personal reasons. I was very interested in doing further research into it and really understand the concepts behind everything, that way with real-life situations you know how to apply it. They kept my interest and made me feel more confident about the material. I was able to learn better and faster.

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“EngageFastLearning has already improved my courses in fundamental ways by encouraging high level of student engagement. Feedback from my students has been overwhelmingly positive so far due to their distinct learning experience on the platform"
Jason Fowler Associate Professor Lincoln Memorial University
“EFL offers innovative features such as narrative-based learning that enhance my classroom teaching options and student engagement with personalization in large classes, and it replaces more costly services"
William Craig Conner Lecturer University of Tennessee Knoxville